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The Fall of Princes: A Novel

The Fall of Princes: A Novel - Robert Goolrick In this semi-autobiographical novel, author Robert Goolrick takes us to Wall Street in the boom era of the 1980s. For those men on the Street, life was a never ending party. Loose women, fast cars, high fashion, and an endless supply of drugs and alcohol fueled their nights. But it was also the advent of the AIDS epidemic, and all around them they watched their friends die, fearful of the disease, but also unheeding of the choices they were making.

I was fascinated by this book from start to end. It is brash, bold, and incredibly in your face. The language that Goolrick chose to tell the story was perfectly suited to the time. Told in the first person, Rooney, who lived his life on top of the world before it came tumbling down after one wrong choice on a night like any other, tells us his history and also his present.

This story shares many similarities to the author's own life, though it his not his entirely. I was quite impressed by his ability to fictionalize his story in this manner, giving over just enough elements to lend authenticity, but also not making it all about him. Previously, I had not entertained any thoughts of reading Goolrick's memoirs, The End of the World As We Know It, but it is now solidly on my radar.

This is the second book I've read by this author, and despite their differences in time and content, stylistically they have much in common. I am more than a bit impressed by his ability to write such vastly different stories and yet allow his voice as an author shine through so clearly. His second book, Heading Out to Wonderful, has been taking up space on my Nook for a couple of years, but I will now be making plans to read it very soon. Goolrick has rapidly become one of my favorite contemporary authors and I look forward to reading any future publications.