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The Children Act

The Children Act - Ian McEwan The Children Act by Ian McEwan
4 Stars

Well-respected and successful, Fiona Maye is a High Court Judge, presiding over the Family Court. It seems she has everything, that is until her husband makes a request of her that could completely change the direction of her life. Adrift and lost, she becomes deeply embroiled in one of the cases that comes before her, and her decision is one of life or death.

This was a fascinating character study of a strong woman who looses her way when her personal life is thrown into turmoil. I am impressed with McEwan's ability to write this story entirely from the point of view of a woman. It is not often easy for an author to believably write a story from the head of a character of the other gender, but he accomplished it quite successfully. Everything we saw was through Fiona's eyes, so none of the other characters were fully fleshed out as we were only getting her side of the story, yet it worked here. I'm always a fan of McEwan's books and this one is no exception, however if you prefer a plot-driven story, then you should probably stay away from The Children Act.