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Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons, Lynne Truss, Roz Chast Flora Poste has been recently orphaned, both her parents dieing within weeks of each other. Her father leaves behind for her only a pittance which will make it difficult for her to live on her own. Much to the horror of her friend Mrs. Smiley, Flora devises and executes a plan to beg her relations to give her a home. Amazingly they all agree and she has the pick of the litter Strangely she settles on the horrifying Cold Comfort Farm in out of the way Sussex to live with her Aunt Ada Doom, her mother's sister, whom Flora has never met. When she arrives she finds a sad, dismal home and family and endevors to "tidy things up."

Cold Comfort Farm is a very drool send-up of the rural genre which was so popular in England between the wars. She managed to mock every aspect of those novels with such a light-touch that unless you were quite the fan of that type of novel you might mistake it for one. I enjoyed it quite bit and suspect that this is the type of novel that only gets funnier with each read. I'm not usually one to reread a book, but I can definitely picture myself making an exception for Cold Comfort Farm. It is a shame that none of her other 23 novels are still in print, for I would love to have a chance to read more of Gibbons work.