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Catering to Nobody - Diane Mott Davidson Catering to Nobody by Diane Mott Davidson
2 stars

Goldy is a a single mom and caterer in small-town Colorado. While catering the funeral of her son's suicidal favorite teacher Laura Smiley, her former father in-law is poisoned. Her ex is quick to lay the blame at her feet and until the matter is cleared up, her catering business and sole source of income is shut down - just in time for the Christmas holidays, a caterer's busiest season. In order to save her business Goldy starts investigating for herself and turns up a lot more than she expected, starting with the supposed suicide of Laura Smiley.

The book was the epitome of why I don't typically read cozy mysteries. I found the writing to be dreadful, littered with such awful metaphors as "Overhead the sky was a deep periwinkle blue, as if a celestial housecleaner had spilled a bottle of bluing agent to the four corners of the earth." Why would her editor not tell her this not an appealing description of a deep blue Colorado sky? On top of the poor writing, the characters were shallow and uninteresting, the plot formulaic and the killer obvious. I'm unclear as to why anyone would tag it 'thrillers.' The only thing thrilling about it was finally getting to the end and being done with it. The most interesting part of the book was the recipes the author occassionally shared. I know I'll be trying the Honey-I'm-Home Ginger Snaps and Holy Moly Guacamole. The only reason it didn't get one star was because I reserve single star ratings for classic novels that I expect more out of.