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The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules - John Irving This is the story of orphan Homer Wells. Adopted out several times, he just kept coming back, so Doctor Larch, director of the orphanage and also an obstetrician and abortionist, decided to put him to use. By the age of 20 Homer could give a woman an orphan or an abortion, but knew that he didn't want to be a doctor. A young couple arrives at the orphanage for their own abortion and take Homer away with them. The rest of novel deals with the fall out from this event and Homer's in struggles.

While in all it was an enjoyable read, it was very slow and hard for me to get into. A commonly repeated litany in the book was "wait and see." I felt like I spent the whole book waiting and seeing if it would get better. I felt that it finally did, right at the end. The end was definitely satisfying. All of the loose ends were tied up and it felt like an end. I would not recommend this book to everyone, but it was a good story.