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Thunderhead - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child Nora Kelly is a young archaeologist and an associate professor at a prestigious museum in Santa Fe. She lives a pretty boring life, split between work, checking in on her out of work brother Skip, and looking after the ranch left to her and skip after he died. At least they think he's dead; he disappeared after an expedition into the middle of Utah canyon country. Lately, however a series of events have made her question everything she thought she knew. Why was she attacked late one night while checking in on the ranch and what does the sixteen year old letter she discovered in the mailbox have to do with it? Her life is about to change drastically, sending her on an expedition to find Coronado's City of Gold and involve in her in fight for her life against forces both human and supernatural.

This was a pretty typical thriller. The story was fast-paced once you got past the character introduction and plot setting. Despite the length, over 500 pages, I completed it in a day and a half. The characters were well-defined. I think that anyone who enjoys a thrillers in the vein of Dan Brown and James Rollins will find this a good addition to their library.