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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Graphic Novel)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Graphic Novel) - Bo Hampton, Tracey Hampton, Washington Irving Sleepy Hollow is a tiny Dutch community tucked away in the New York countryside not long after the Revolution. It is in this classic short story we are first introduced to two character who have thoroughly captured our darkest imagination, Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. This story has been told and retold innumerable times, but in it's original form it is nothing more than a ghost story told to frighten young children. Ichabod Crane is the local school teacher, fascinated in equal parts by superstition, food, and one Katrina Von Tassel. One late night, following the Von Tassel's annual Halloween party, a night of good food and frightful stories, a dejected Ichabod Crane rides home at the witching hour. It is here that he meets the subject of so many local legends, the Headless Horseman.

I was sadly disappointed by this short story. Most of the pages were taken up with descriptions of the farmland and arguably one of the most well-known fictional schoolteachers of American literature. The language used was beautiful and the descriptions of the land painted a perfect picture of rural life in the late eighteenth century. However, this classic horror was more than a little short of plot. The action takes place in a few very short pages and sadly did not build up the suspense properly. This is one time when I can honestly say that the filmmaker's imagination has succeeded in many ways where the written word unfortunately could not deliver.