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Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman London is about as normal as it gets, and Richard Mayhew, resident for the past three years since moving south from Scotland is about as normal as it gets. He lives in an average flat, has an average job with average ambitions, and is engaged to be married. He is just as normal as London.

London Above that is. London Below, is a completely different story. A story that begins when he discovers an injured girl huddled on the sidewalk. In an act of great sympathy he takes her to his flat, first trying to talk her into going to the hospital. It is then that his whole world turns upside down and finally he falls through a crack, landing in a whole other London. London Below.

Inspired by the BBC series of the same name, Neverwhere is an inventive story that is clever, dark, and humorous - all qualities I have come to expect from Neil Gaiman. His characters are unique - Door, the girl who can open any door; de Carabas, the marquis who will complete any job for you provided you're willing to owe him a really big favor; Hunter, the bravo who stalks Underside nightmares; and quite possibly the best pair of villains I've ever come across, Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandamer. The idea that there is an invisable world to mirror our own, right under our feet, is an intriguing twist, melding both urban and pure fantasy. This was a fun and entertaining read; I only wish there was a sequel so that I could find out what happens after the Door shuts.