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First Lord's Fury

First Lord's Fury - Jim Butcher In the final book of the series, Butcher has crafted a fine conclusion to the Codex Alera. In his usual fasion, Tavi thinks outside the box to get himself and the remaining Canim out of Canea, only to find themselves fighting the Vord for not only their lives but the entire future of Alera. He drags his remaining legions and the Canim refugees from one end of the continent to another to face the Vord Queen in a confrontation from which only one of them can emerge.

Overall I was pleased with the way Butcher concluded the series. There were some matters that I felt were a little to pat, a little to neatly solved, but I can see why Butcher chose to do what he did. In his usual fashion he managed to mix his typical dry and sarcastic humor seamlessly into events where you wouldn't expect to find it. I am greatly disappointed that there will be no more stories told of this world. It was richly developed and really enjoyable to read. I guess this means if I want to continue to get my Butcher fix I will have to try my hand at the Dresden Files.