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Iorich - Steven Brust In his 12 book of the Vlad Taltos series, Brust brings us back to Adrhilanka, Vlad's home and the stupidest place he could have gone. Still on the run, constantly looking over his shoulder for Jhereg assassins, when Vlad hears that his friend Aliera is in jail for a crime that all know she has commited but has always been ignored, he feels he has to go back to his city to help her out. What follows is an amusing romp during which he tries to outwit the assassins on his tail, a secretive group of sorceresses known as The Left Hand, the Orca, the Warlord, and The Empress. Oh and he also manages to learn a little about the law and spend a some time with his wife Cawti and there son.

This certainly wasn't the best book in the series, but like everything Brust writes, it was funny and filled with biting sarcasm, and lots of bantering between my two favorite characters in all of fantasy - Vlad and his familiar Loish. It's hard not to enjoy these books, even if you aren't a fan of the fantasy genre. This is one of those series (and authors for that matter) you don't here people talk about a lot, and I really wish they would. The writing is always good, the characters full of flaws but oh so enjoyable to read, and the stories unique. I highly recommend these books and his others, especially to fans of Neil Gaiman, who is conincidentally a good friend of Brust's.