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Maine - J. Courtney Sullivan Maine is ultimately a story about family. Told in the rotating point of view of four women over the course of a single summer at the family cottage in Maine, it's an intimate snapshot of life and how the decisions we make affect who we become. There is Alice, the matriarch of the family, haunted by a long ago decision that may have cost her sister her life. Kathleen, Alice's daughter, who has done everything she can to distance herself from her family and become her own person. Anne Marie has married into the family, and used the family to improve upon her disappointing childhood. In many ways she is a mirror of Alice's younger self. Finally, there is Kathleen's conflicted daughter, Maggie. She is desperate to please everyone, and just isn't sure where she belongs.

I really wanted to love this book. If I'm going to read chick lit, this is the style I gravitate towards. It's more serious in nature than is typical for the genre, and I really enjoy the very internal nature of the book. While I can't really pinpoint anything in particular that was wrong with the book, after all the writing was decent, the characters realistic, and the setting perfectly suited to the story itself, it just seemed to be lacking that extra something special. In the future, I look forward to trying something else by this author. The book was a quick and enjoyable read, and a great choice for lazy summer days.