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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury has imagined a disturbing future in which firemen are no longer needed to put out fires as all homes have been made fireproof. Instead, they start fires when anyone is caught with a book. Reading and owning books has become a crime and every home is equipped with wall-sized interactive televisions on each wall. So Ray Bradbury asks, what if. What if someone, a fireman perhaps, decides to break the cycle and try to turn the world on it's head?

I found this to be an utterly fascinating read. I loved the way in which Guy Montag's mindset shifted from that of a fireman who loved his job, to someone who hated everything it stood for and would do whatever it took to tear the whole structure apart. Unfortunately, it read more as a short story and less as a full-length novel. I would have liked if the novel had delved a little more into Guy and his transition. It just needed more detail, otherwise a fantastic novel and one that I keep finding my mind going back to.