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The Princess Bride - William Goldman Despite hearing many, many people say that they didn't enjoy this book and that I should just stick to the movie, I had really high hopes for it. I was really excited when I re-joined my book club and found this was our selection for April. I am sad to say, that all the naysayers are right. This is one book where the movie really is better. Heck, even in the epilogue, the author has a fictional conversation with Stephen King in which he says just that. I think part of my problem with the dissonance between the campiness of the film and the full on satire of the novel. Though the complete unlikability of Buttercup and Wesley in the book, also played a large part in my issues with it.

That is not to say that it was wholly without merit. There were portions of the book I absolutely loved, particularly the fleshing out of Inigo Montoya's backstory. I thought the detail added to the scene with Magic Max was another nice touch. I also enjoyed learning more about Fezzig's background.

For anyone on the fence about reading this book, I would tread lightly; especially if the movie is a personal favorite. It just doesn't live up to the magic of the big screen.