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The Eye of God - James Rollins James Rollins has always been great at presenting us with exciting storylines, cutting edge science, and almost too good to be believable characters. The Eye of God is no different, but I think even though I read each of the books as the come out, I'm a little over Sigma Force.

In this book, we open with the death of Atilla the Hun before moving on to modern day Rome where we catch up with some old friends, Vigor and Rachel, who find themselves nearly killed over a mystery entrusted to the priest by another whom he thought long since dead. Across the Atlantic, Painter Crowe is working on a top-secret government experiment using a satellite to track a comet in order to prove the existence of dark matter. That is until the satellite crashes back to earth, but not before showing one last disturbing image. Oh, and by the way Grey, Kowalski, and Seichan are of exploring Hong Kong in search of the former assassins mother. As you can no doubt tell, this book is going to be packed with excitement. What is not so apparent, is how these three storylines will tie together. This, however, is exactly where Rollins shines. He brings the three groups together and sends them racing across the globe in order to prevent nothing less than the destruction of life as we know it. Just another day in the office for the officers of Sigma Force.

So what could be wrong with this? It has all the hallmarks of another great Sigma Force novel. It was enjoyable. It was fun. And it provided a great science education. Who doesn't love that? It just felt tired and re-hashed. Every book is the same. Some world-altering scientific event that could change the course of history and life, is discovered, Painter and crew save the world while putting themselves in impossible situations, and then the world-altering event is never heard from again. It's too much, and I've gotten to the point where it's getting harder and harder to suspend belief. I'm sure I'll keep reading them, because they are nothing if not fun, but the series has definitely lost it's shine.