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Someone Else's Love Story

Someone Else's Love Story - Joshilyn Jackson Shandi Pierce has packed her car with her 3 year old son, her best friend, and all her worldly belongings to live in her father's Atlanta condo. During a pit-stop at a gas station on the rural outskirts of the city, Shandi finds herself staring down the barrel of a shotgun. When William Ashe, another store customer, puts himself between her son and the gun, Shandi falls helplessly in love with him. This man however, is not what he seems, and this story isn't either.

I thought this was going to be a cute little love story between Shandi and William, and while it is a love story, it turned out very differently from what I expected. I really enjoyed the plot-twists and how the author tied everything together. She definitely understands how to write Southern Fiction, and not just a story set in the south. The characters are real, even if you don't like one of them, they never feel like characters, but actual people. This is a well-written and easy to read book, with just enough going for it to keep it interesting. It's the type of book I would pick up when I have a lot going on in my life and I just want to relax with a book. If you're looking for an easy book to take your mind off life for a while, then this book is definitely the ticket.