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The Fortune Hunter: A Novel

The Fortune Hunter: A Novel - Daisy Goodwin Elizabeth, Empress of Austria is taking an extended, and "anonymous", holiday in England to enjoy the hunting season. Her host, Earl Spencer, assigns one of his captains, Bay Middleton, to act as her pilot through the hunts. Bay is an accomplished horseman and hunter, as well as womanizer. Though already secretly engaged to Charlotte Baird, a wealthy heiress, he quickly falls under the spell of the Empress. Will his engagement to Charlotte survive the season?

I found this book utterly inane and ridiculous. I am not a fan of historical romances, though I have been known to enjoy books that focus on the history and not on the romance. Unfortunately that was not the case this time. The characters, though based on real people and condensed events, were entirely one-dimensional, and with the exception of Charlotte, quite unlikable. Charlotte while not unlikeable in the same way as Elizabeth, Bay, and all the supporting characters, was unsympathetic, as she had absolutely no backbone and was so utterly besotted with Bay that she couldn't see his shortcomings. I found myself rolling my eyes through almost every page. If this book is representative of the author's other novels, I will definitely be avoiding her in the future. That said, I know this type of novel is popular and for those of my friends who enjoy historical romances I would recommend this book.