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Sunshine - Robin McKinley Rae Seddon, Sunshine to those who know her, lives in a world where one has to be careful of the Others. Sure there are your Weres and Demons, but the Vampires are the real source of fear. When she heads to the lake for some downtime, she doesn't figure she has anything to worry about, after all there hasn't been trouble there in years. But doesn't every story start that way? Finding herself kidnapped by vampires was a lot more than she bargained for. Escaping them, with their vampire prisoner in tow? That's something else altogether.

I'll start this off by saying, I don't like vampires. I know they are a very popular in fiction and fantasy right now, but they have never interested me and I've never read a vampire book that I truly enjoyed. Sunshine is the exception. I thought the way that the author developed the world and the story was quite interesting. In many ways it is just like the world we live in, you know with the exception of magic and the Others, along with the need for a police force strictly devoted to both of those. It was a fun read, in some ways an urban fantasy take on Beauty and the Beast, with just enough horror to make it interesting. McKinley is definitely an author I'll consider reading again.