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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green You remember that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are sitting in the bathtub together, and she has her legs wrapped around him while he tells her about his father and how much therapy it took him to say the words "I am very angry with my father?" That is how this book made me feel. I will need many thousands of dollars of therapy to properly express that I am angry at John Green. How can you write a book about two kids with cancer falling desperately in love and then even though you know one of them is going to die, rip the carpet out from under the reader?

This book was amazing, beautiful, and really just defies words. I found myself crying several times. Not the loud notice me sobs with the ugly face, but the really sad tears that just slip silently down your face unheeded. I couldn't have stopped them if I tried. Hazel is a sixteen year old girl with terminal cancer. Her mother, thinking her daughter must be depressed, forces her to go to a support group. It is here that she will meet Augustus Waters, her star crossed lover. They get each other in a way that no one else can. He think she looks like mid-millennial Natalie Portman, she thinks he is so hot. He spends his Wish, because she already spent hers, on a trip to Amsterdam where she can meet and question the author of her all time favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. And then...

I mean seriously WHAT THE ACTUAL F*** John Green. Do you see this? I am driven to foul language by this book. I am very angry at this book. There, I said it. I will say it again. I am very angry at this book.