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Someone to Love - Jude Deveraux

It's been three years since Jace Montgomery's fiancee Stacey was found dead in an English inn. Her death was ruled a suicide, but Jace refuses to accept this and is unable to move on with his life. When he finds a cryptic note in an old book of hers written on the back of a sales flyer for a large English estate he impulsively buys it in hopes of solving the mystery of Stacey's death. True to the genre's form though, he not only manages to find a reason to live, but love as well.


This book was everything I remember Jude Deveraux's books to be, light and fluffy love stories, with just a touch of intrigue to keep you interested. I really liked the female lead in this book, Nightingale. She was sassy and independent, with a touch of vulnerability. Jace was typical of all the Montgomery men, kind, intelligent, and extremely good looking. This book was a paranormal romance, and while I could have done without some aspects of the ghost story it was a good way to set up the interaction between Jace and Nigh and the revelation of the mystery behind Stacey's death. Like all genre romances it was over the top and completely unrealistic, but not a bad way to pass an afternoon. It wasn't enough to convince me to start reading romance novels regularly again, but it was a nice reminder of what I enjoyed about them.