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All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel - Anthony Doerr

Having heard nothing but praise for this book, I went into it with very high expectations. While I do think it was very good, I didn't love it in the same way that others did. In particular, I had a very difficult time getting into the flow of the story. I typically love both techniques used in this story, multiple narrators and a non-linear timeline, so I don't think that was the issue. As I went on however, I became more engaged in the story and thought the conclusion was brilliant. My other issue was that I preferred Werner's story to Marie Laure's, so I often found myself wanting to rush through her chapters to get back to his. I think I am beginning to experience burnout on the whole World War II narrative, so I think it is time to shelve the topic for a while. Overall I would say it started as a three star book and ended as a five, so my rating just averages them out.