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My Lover's Lover

My Lover's Lover - Maggie O'Farrell When Lilly meets Marcus at a gallery exhibit, she is immediately drawn to him, so when tells her that he is looking for a flatmate, she jumps at the chance. Yet when she gets there, the unmistakable presence of another woman lingers, reminders of her everywhere. When Lily and Marcus start sleeping together, the presence turns into a full-blown haunting, appearing only to her, and nearly driving Lily mad. Marcus won't talk about the other woman, his ex-girlfriend, only sharing that she "has left us," so Lily takes it upon herself to discover the truth.

I was riveted by the first half of the book, the haunting was creeping, and you could feel Lily's anguish and the madness that kept her from sleeping, from eating, unable to concentrate, and affecting every moment of her life. It was masterfully done, and exactly what I had come to expect from the author of The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. However, once Lily learns the truth, halfway through the book, the story becomes something bland and trite and I found that I had to force myself to finish reading the book. By the end, I could barely see the connection between the two stories, and kept asking how the creepy haunting at the start of the novel related to anything that came after the words "Part Two."

I struggled over my rating of this book, and realistically would like to give it a 2.5 stars. I settled on 3 on the strength of Part One and leftover good feelings from my first novel by this author encouraged me to give her the benefit of the doubt. I'll give Ms. O'Farrell another chance (mostly because I already own another of her books), but I'm sincerely hoping the next novel is a bit more like the immensely enjoyable Esme Lennox and a little less like the confusing mess that My Lover's Lover turned out to be.