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The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger In this well-loved novel, Clare Abshire first meets Henry when she is six after he mysteriously appears, naked, in the meadow near her home. He continues to appear in the same fashion throughout her life, each time at a completely different point in his own life. Henry, via a genetic abnormality, involuntarily travels through time. He never knows when or where it will happen or he will appear. He wants nothing more than to be normal, and Clare wants nothing more than Henry.

I intentionally did not go into this novel with overinflated expectations and I'm glad I didn't because they would have been disappointed. It was a beautiful and tragic love story, and if I were rating this book solely on the story and readability, it would have gotten four or more stars. But I also had to contend with Clare and Henry and while their love story was incredibly touching, as characters I found them to be very dull and bland. In a book with such an amazing concept, I expected more. I especially disliked the middle section of the book. I find Clare's actions completely unbelievable. No woman I know would have repeatedly put herself through that as many times as Clare did. And I'm not talking about the time traveling here. The end was very well done, and while predictable, it was the logical conclusion. I think if Miss Niffengger had done anything else I would have been very disappointed and my whole opinion of the book tainted.