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ArchEnemy - Frank Beddor In ArchEnemy, Frank Beddor, brings The Looking Glass War trilogy to it's conclusion. Imagination has been snuffed out and for now Arch and Redd are continuing to cooperate with each other. Molly and Hatter are mourning together the loss of Weaver far from where their duties require them. Back in Wondertropolis the Clubs are working hard to effect a revolt against the Imaginationists. In the palace Alyss, Dodge, Bibwit, General Doppleganger and the rest of the Alyssians struggle to figure out how to get everything under control. Oh and of course the Caterpiller oracles are plotting only they know what.

ArchEnemy was an enjoyable read, though like the second in the series, it lacked some of the magic of the first book. Beddor managed to tie the story up nicely, leaving no loose ends, and we of course get the happy ending that we've come to expect from our fairy tales. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys twists on old favorites, younger readers, and it would make a great story to read aloud with your children.