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I Am the Cheese

I Am the Cheese - Robert Cormier I Am the Cheese was a strange little mystery. On page one it appears to be the story of a high school age boy leaving home on his bike to visit his father for his birthday. His trip his an ambitious one as he plans to make a seven hour trip from his home in Monument, Massachuttes to Rutterburg , Vermont in one day. However by chapter 2 its clear that this novel is something much more. As the story unfolds,Cormier parcels out the clues slowly until the shocking conclusion is revealed.

This book was read for a book club and its not something I would have selected, however it was a good read. I think that it may have been better had it been fleshed out a bit more. However as it is geared towards a younger audience, I understand why Cormier didn't make it too detailed. I Am the Cheese has a very dark and creepy edge to it, reminiscent of a Hitchcock film. I would highly recommend it to someone in the target audience but for me, despite the nice execution, it was lacking just a little something.