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Carved in Bone

Carved in Bone - Jefferson Bass As the first book of a series which features the real life Body Farm in East Tennessee and the cutting edge world of forensic science, Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson team up to write an exciting mystery. Dr. Bill Brockton, fictional founder of the Body Farm is a forensic anthropologist and professor at the University of Tennessee. He has helped solve dozens of crimes, but none of them could have prepared him for his next case. Called in to the insular and backwoods Cooke County he discovers a body hidden deep in a cave. As he peels back the layers, both literally and figuratively, the danger for everyone involved increases. True to form, this thriller features many attempts on on the good doctor's life, which he of course escapes from, all while managing to finally find closure two years after his wife's death.

Carved in Bone was a fun and easy read, and while it's certainly not going to set the literary world on fire, not to mention how implausible parts of the story were, I can definitely see myself going back to this when I need something easy on the brain. I really enjoyed how well they interwove both the science of forensic anthropology and the criminalist aspects of the police world. It was definitely the strength upon which the novel rested and was very successfully executed. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy such authors as James Rollins and Dan Brown.