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Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson Towers of Midnight almost makes me wish that Brandon Sanderson had joined the team a little sooner. I say almost because to wish that would be to have wished that Robert Jordan had died sooner and no one would wish that. Since Sanderson has taken over the writing of the books however, the Wheel of Time series has taken on a different quality; there is a sense of urgency and action that was missing in the series for a long time. Part of that certainly is due to the fact that everything is coming to a head, but based upon the writing of the previous four or five books part of it is also due to who is control as well.

It would hard to give a synopsis of this book without major spoilers so if you're not caught up, I would advise you not to read further. Fresh from his sojurn on Dragonmount, Rand returns a new person - calm, in control, and a sense of purpose. With Andor firmly hers, Elayne makes a move on the Sun Throne of Carhein. Egwene's power in the White Tower solidifies with each day and she might finally have something she's wanted even longer. Perrin is taking the time to learn how to work with the wolf inside him, as well as how to be a leader. And the time has finally come for Mat, Thom and Noal to enter the Tower of Ghenjie and faceoff against the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Next stop, Tarmon Gai'don as Rand crafts a bold and in the eyes of Egwene and the monarchs of the world, foolhardy plan that just might set the Dark One free from his prison. Mix in a Malkieri stand at Tarwin's Gap and the Seanchan army in possession of Travelling and you have a book like no other in the series.

I am eagerly anticipating the conclusion of the series while at the same time dreading it. The Wheel of Time has been a part of my life for a long time, and through it I have made some connections with real people that I never could have without it.