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Lost in a Good Book - Jasper Fforde In his second book featuring Thursday Next, author Jasper Fforde takes us on another wild journey, weaving together reality and the impossible in an inconceivably funny alternate 1985. You would think that after single handedly defeating the third most evil criminal, Acheron Hades and ending the Crimean War, that Thursday Next, SO-27 operative, had earned a little rest and relaxation. Instead, she finds her husband eradicated by Goliath and a corrupt ChronoGuard and herself an apprentice Prose Resource Operative in Jurisfiction. And oh yeah, she has to save the world before it turns into a mass of pink goo on December 12th.

As good as the first book in the series was, the second was even better. Not only was it hilarious, but you could really see Fforde perfecting his craft. I loved all the literary references, and the character names, such as Brik Schitt-Hawse, continue to provide all levels of amusement. I am quickly becoming a huge fan of Mr. Fforde and can't wait to read the next installment in the Thursday Next series.