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Blue Diary

Blue Diary - Alice Hoffman This is the story of Ethan Ford, his wife Jorie and their son Collie and how Ethan's past changes all their lives, along with the lives of everyone in the town. Ethan commited a murder 15 years earlier in Maryland but never told his wife or anyone else he had come to know. He is a pillar of the community and no one believes it to be possible. When he admits to his guilt the whole town rallies around him, a changed man.

Overall I liked the story but I had a hard time connecting with the main characters of Ethan and Jorie. They felt too over the top. He was too handsome and good. She was too beautiful and perfect. Towards the end of the book I came to like Jorie more and I felt had she not been made out to be almost an angel earlier in the novel I would have liked her more. I found myself caring more about what happened with some of the secondary characters, Charlotte Kite, Barney Stark and Rosarie Williams which is unfortunate as their stories were not the main focus of the novel.