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True (. . . Sort Of)

True (. . . Sort Of) - Katherine Hannigan From the time she was very young, Delaware has found herself in trouble of one kind or another, and it is only when she sees her mother crying when she is given one last chance by her school principle to avoid being sent to a school for troubled children, does Delly attempt to mend her ways. Each day is a struggle, until she discovers the one thing that can make her change, and she discovers true friendship in the form of the new girl in town, Ferris Boyd, a selective mute who fears human contact of any kind.

This was a really sweet novel, perfect for listening to in the car with young kids, though not without it's sadness and heartache. Through some of the issues that the kids had to deal with I had a hard time not wanting to just wrap my arms around my own kids and hold them close, especially my oldest who is the same age as Delly and Ferris. I highly recommend this book for children between the ages of 9-12. None of the major issues (I can not be more specific as I don't want to spoil the plot) are explicitly stated or even illustrated so that should not be a reason to shelter your kids from it. I find even more than the somewhat dark topics upon which this book touches, that at it's core this book is most truly about love and friendship.