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The Greener Shore: A Novel of the Druids of Hibernia

The Greener Shore: A Novel of the Druids of Hibernia - Morgan Llywelyn In this sequel to Llywelyn's earlier book Druids, we are told the story of Ainvar and his remaining clan members as they flee Gaul. Despite having no experience with the sea they rent a couple boats and travel first to the shores of Brittania, before moving to the more westerly isle known as Hibernia. Here they seek to ma key a new home among the Celtic tribes who inhabit the island. These people while in many ways similar to his own people, are also a mystery to Ainvar, yet he insists that his clan must assimilate to their ways. None is more successful than his wife Brigid, while Ainvar struggles with the loss of his powers and successful integration with the local druids.

I struggled with this book. In the past I have always enjoyed Llwelyn's novels about early Irish history and myth, however I could not connect with this one. The story was told from a first person perspective by Ainvar and was filled with his philosophic ramblings . Additionally there was a lot of references back to events of the previous book in a manner that suggests the author didn't trust the reader's recall ability. The book was a lot of tell and not show, which really bugged me. Personally I found Brigid to be a more interesting character and think that the story, if Llwelyn really wanted to stick with a first person narrative, would have been much improved from her perspective. Overall, I was quite disappointed in this offering by an author whose numerous books I have read all but two.