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The Friday Night Knitting Club

The Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs A single mother in NYC, Georgia Walker, runs a yarn store to support herself and her daughter Dakota. The store is fairly successful, and it is through Walker and Daughter that an unlikely group of women form a bond at their weekly Friday Night Knitting Club. Everything seems to be going well for Georgia until an old friend and Dakota's father both make unwelcome reappearances in her life. But maybe these people from her past aren't quite the unwelcome disruption she expected.

This was a cute story. It's very typical chick lit, with obvious plot lines, characters that all seem to fill a certain role, and nothing to taxing on the brain to read. It was a nice fluffy read, but I can't say I was thrilled with the book's conclusion. I was given fair warning of this and was able to prepare myself for it, but it's not the sort of thing I typically go in for. However, my general enjoyment of the novel mitigated most of my annoyance.