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Dracula - Bram Stoker This classic is considered to be one of the finest horror stories ever told. It is a story most everyone knows, as it has been retold countless times. The evil Count Dracula leaves his castle in Transylvania, in the company of 50 coffins filled with consecrated earth, to prey on the men and women of England.

However, I was surprised in the way the story was told. Stoker chose to use the epistolary method, unraveling the story bit by bit through the collective letters and diary entries of Dracula's victims and principle opponents. While I was intrigued by this method of storytelling, overall I felt the story was quite slow and had a hard time maintaining interest. It has also led me to the conclusion, that after reading this and several other examples of the Gothic novel over the past few years, that this is not style which I greatly enjoy. I am happy to have finally read such a classic as this, but it's not a book that I'll be thinking on much beyond the closing of the cover.