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The Moonstone

The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins I did not finish this book. I have had it from the library for 10 weeks and have tried both the print and audio version. The story moves really slowly and is told from various points of view several years after the events. The plot itself revolves around the theft of a famous and cursed diamond after it is given as a gift to a young woman and the resulting attempts to solve the crime. Despite being halfway through the book, I just can't fathom continuing.

I gave it two stars only because it was groundbreaking at the time it was written, as it is considered to be the first English language detective novel. Collins is often said to be Dickens' underappreciated contemporary and many consider him to be the better author, but in my estimation I would rather be only allowed to read Great Expectations for the rest of my life then read another book by Collins.