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When Blue's grandmother dies, she leaves behind a legacy for him. He has lived his life in America, and doesn't even remember the five years he spent in an isolated Canadian community, his, mother a, member of an artist's commune and his grandmother a God-fearing pillar of Starling Cove. When he travels back to look at the property she has left him, he takes his friends Gave, Elisa, and her husband Jason. When they arrive however, nothing is as it seems and their lies begin to unravel.


This book has earned comparisons to Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane. While I can understand that, it is not the first book of which I was reminded. It put me much more in mind of Keith Donahue's The Stolen Child. The themes were incredibly similar, and cannot help but invite comparison. Unfortunately, beyond the themes and the underlying darkness, the comparison to both stop there. While those books were dazzling and grabbed me right from the beginning, I found this one to be nothing more than average, and ultimately forgettable. It was an entertaining enough way to pass the time, but I cannot remember more than basics of this novel. It had so much potential, and while I wish I could recommend it more highly, it just wasn't anything special.