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Animal Farm - George Orwell

This is one of those books that scarcely needs an introduction. Orwell's classic satire tells the story of a revolution gone wrong. When the animals of Manor Farm revolt, taking control, they initially set-up the perfect democracy. The two leaders of their rebellion are two well educated pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, who cannot be counted on to agree about anything. It is their disagreements that will eventually lead to the demise of what had once promised to be a step towards complete freedom.


While I enjoyed this more than 1984, I still can't say that I really enjoyed it. It was well-written, and I particularly came to like Clover and Boxer, the two horses. That said the story itself was just meh, it did not much interest or excite me. After reading his two most famous novels, I think it is fair for me to say that Orwell is just not for me.