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The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Randy Pausch agreed to give the Last  Lecture of all Last Lectures. Unlike every other lecture in the Carnegie Mellon series, his was in fact an actual last lecture. He and his family had already left Pittsburgh for Virginia so that his wife and children would have a better support network after his death, but despite this he returned to Carnegie Mellon to deliver his presentation, not only as an inspiration to his students to dream big, but also as a way of sharing all he had learned with his three children who he would never see grow up, and still so young their memories of him would be few. This book takes everything from that lecture and gives it a form that will leave a more permanent mark. 


I found this book to be quite inspirational, but in many ways it is no different from any other book of its kind. The lessons are much the same, they are just told from the personal viewpoint of its author. I enjoyed it, but I don't know that it is a must read. I had planned to watch the recording of Pausch's Last Lecture, which can be found on YouTube, but at this point I am not sure that it is necessary and I am likely to forget my intention long before I get around to it.